Monday, September 13, 2010

2 months to go!

Today is September 13th! My girlfriend Ingrid called me today with excitement that we are just two months away from our big day! We have so much to do still and so little time. But every day I make progress. Right now I am anxiously waiting for a fedex package for a pair of purple sparkle sneakers that I bought for Kayla to wear with her pettiskirt. I think it will be so cute!! My poor baby fell and hurt herself on the playground on Friday and needed stitches on her face and I hope she heals up nicely by wedding day. I hope the glittery sneakers cheer her up.

I had also posted a pic of some beautiful purple shoes but have since found another pair that I'm in love with and they are the perfect pair of glittery Cinderella peep-toe pumps. So as you can see its all about the glitter.

My dress has arrived and alterations have begun. My mom went with me to buy my veil and we couldn't decide whether to go with a mantilla for the Spanish look or cathedral for high drama. So mom says to get both and move on. And she's supposed to be the practical one.

My newest dilemma is whether to wear an ivory rose in my hair or be bold and wear a bright red rose. I get mixed feedback from everyone so I'm not sure what to do. What big problems huh? If only all of life's decisions were this much fun all the time!! :0 )