Sunday, July 25, 2010

Slight Change in Plans

Ok, so I said we were going with hot pink pettiskirts but I changed my mind again and now we are going with Kaiyah Eve's PLUM! And they are ordered so that's it--too late, just have to move on to something else. But I'm so excited. This is such a beautiful, rich and regal color. I can't believe that my inspiration for my entire wedding is a child's skirt. I asked the ladies in the bridal shop the other day if they thought I was crazy but they told me they had a bride come in recently with a bag full of sand and asked for help in choosing colors that went will with her sand.

So my colors are officially plum with some hints of red. This is the inspiration board that guides me.

We are well on our way with only 112 days left till the big day. This week we accomplished so much including choosing our cake (they sent a yummy sample) and officiant. We also received our invitations which my dear friend Natasha will be addressing for us using her calligraphy expertise (Thanks Lady!). We also found an amazing company to create unique paper goods/signs for us and Terrance is the creative mind behind that entire project so I can't wait to see what they do!!

It's late and I'm so tired.
Til Next Time,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally some progress!

I turned out to be a horrible blogger. I mean its been over a month and I haven't even had a chance to write anything!

But today is a great day! We crossed a MAJOR milestone. Not only did my baby land a great job that he wasn't even trying/looking for (GOD is good!) but we think we may have just decided on a color theme. I have been beyond stressed out trying to figure out what colors to use. Red is the typical Spanish flamenco dance color but its definitely not my favorite color. Plus I don't want my wedding to look like a Valentines or Christmas party. I have been looking at a million color combinations over the past few weeks and it was just driving me CRAZY! But I have my heart set on the little girls wearing the most adorable fluffy pettiskirts so I also have to work around the colors that the skirts come in. And after looking at all the options a million (or zillion) times and about ten different shades of pink. . . and driving Terrance crazy with my frustration that I don't think he understands but promises he does . . . . I finally decided on a Raspberry Pink pettiskirts paired with David Bridals Watermelon! Now off to choose the dresses for my MOH and JR. Bridesmaid.